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Suehiro Cafe is in the News

In addition to the members and fans who share their love for Suehiro on Yelp, we thank the journalists and food writers who have written supportive articles of our family-owned restaurants. For the past 45 years, we have been blessed to see strangers become regular customers and dear friends. We would like to feature some of the articles written about our food and community, so if you know of any additional press coverage we may have missed, please shoot us an email at suehirocafe [at]

COVID-19 Updates and News

We'd also like to recognize the special efforts it took to stay open during this pandemic. The last year 2020 challenged our Suehiro team and fellow members in the food industry in ways we've never faced before. However, we hope that true to our community's history, we show our resilience day in and day out. 


We've been able to participate in Little Tokyo Eats, helping seniors get fresh Japanese meals. We've pivoted to outdoor dining when indoor was closed. We also did our best to honor our commitment in serving food that provides comfort to all our customers. Here, are some of the articles which documented these times.

Thank you for choosing Suehiro through these times.


Rafu Shimpo

May 2020. "Little Tokyo Eats: Delivering Meals for Low-Income Seniors Stuck Inside"


Spectrum News 1

June 2020. "Small Businesses Dip Into Savings During Pandemic"

suehiro cafe mother Junko Suzuki.jpg

Los Angeles Times

April 2020. "To make ends meet, these Little Tokyo restaurants are embracing social media (with some help)"

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